Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Dystrophies of the abdominal wall in adults: Surgical treatment

Fortunato Athias, JaymeCarlos Bentes Horta, AntónioAragão Franco, GlaucileneAugusto Mekdec da Silva, AlexandreSantos Neves, MauroMartins de Paula Souza, SadiaAlexandre da Costa Pereira, Sérgio

The authors present a retrospective study of 60 patients with abdominal dystrophies, both with and without hernias, operated on in the period between 01 June 1994 and 30 January 1996. Their average age was 47 years. The incision at hernia itself and the dystrophic abdomen were the principal objects of the study. The authors show the importance of abdominal dermolipectomy for the complete recovery of the patient as well as demonstrate how it facilitates the technical manipulation of hernias. The technique of bilateral, longitudinal peritonio-aponeurotic transposition {the technique of Alcíno Lázaro da Silva) was used for large incisional hernias. A variation of this technique, for hernias with a hernial ring of up to 10 cm, is proposed by the authors, which consists in the closing of the ring and the reinforcement of the suture with the hernial sac. A revision is made of the results of these procedures realized in isolation and accompanied with abdominal dermolipectomy. Forty-nine recovered without complications (81.66%), three relapsed (5%), one necrosis of the midline with respiratory failure (1.67%), one little stitch gap (1,67%), two umbilical stenosis (3,33%), two wound abscess (3.33%), one cutaneous fistula (1,67%) and one death from pulmonary embolism (1.66%).

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