Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Regeneração natural de pupunha (Bactris gasipaes)

R. Clement, Charles

Numerous pejibaye plants were evaluated in 12 year old second growth on an abandoned farm to determine the extent of natural regeneration. Adults plabts with crowns above the canopy produce fruit. Fruits are predated by man and seeds by rodents. Lateral shoots grow weell with enough light or show leaf etiolation and reduced number in shade. Two seedlings were found, with low leaf number, riolated petioles and low leaf area, suggesting extremely slow growth in shade. Reproduction appears to depend upon natural or manmade clearings, the former of insuficient duration to permit natural regeneration. This, combined with other modifications, confirms pejibaye's status as a full domesticate.

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